Norton is known in one of the best antivirus available today. It is the fastest and requires the least amount of resources. A number of users use Norton to safeguard their PC and keep them secure from several malicious programs like viruses, Trojans, key loggers, worms, Trojans, etc. Sometimes users may encounter some issues with their Norton antivirus. One such problem encountered is, Norton not working. This problem may arise due to several reasons.

Norton not Working Reasons:

Some of the major reasons that cause Norton not working problem along with their solutions are mentioned below:

Restart your PC and check if this fixes the problem. Sometimes the PC may be stuck and hence make it seem that Norton is not working on your device.

Recent Norton Updates: Sometimes some Norton updates cause the issues when Norton stops working. But sometimes it may feel like that Norton is not working when it is stuck scanning a single file. In case of large files, or archived files Norton takes some time to scan. So it is recommended to wait for some time before you jump to conclusions. In quite a few cases you may encounter that Norton has really stopped working. Cleaning the browser’s cache and cookies may fix these problems. If cleaning the browser cache and cookies doesn’t work, you can perform Norton remove and reinstall Norton to fix your problem. You need to make sure that you restart your device after removing Norton.

If your device contains some other antivirus software, these May sometime lead to conflicts. In such cases the other antivirus utilizes the resources and leave very little resources for your Norton antivirus which may cause Norton antivirus to not work. Hence it is recommended to remove the other antivirus. Some other heavy / resource hungry software when running simultaneously can cause some issues which may render Norton ineffective. Such software must be removed to have Norton working correctly. 

You can also install “Norton Mount Point Repair” software to fix the Norton issues. It will help you fix such issues which cause Norton not working problem. You need to restart the computer and then verify if the problem has been fixed.

Install “Norton Remove and Reinstall” tool to fix such problems. It will help you remove Norton antivirus software completely and again reinstall Norton antivirus. You need to restart the device before you reinstall it.

Sometimes you need to install and run “Norton Power Eraser”. This will help you perform a rootkit scan. You need to restart your device in order to do so. If you do not want to perform rootkit scan, you have to uncheck the option to include rootkit scan. Here you have to choose the option to scan for risks.

The above steps are most likely to solve your problem of Norton not working. If even then the problem is not fixed, you can dial Norton Antivirus Customer Support Number USA to get your problem fixed by the experts. You are guided step by step to fix any problem that may be encountered by Norton users. Sometimes in case of the extreme problems USA Norton customer support fixes the problem by remote access.