Norton Security developed by Symantec Corporation; has made a significant contribution when it comes to rendering device as well as online protection to the PC and Smartphone users. With many editions already been launched by Symantec for the user’s safety and convenience, Norton security premium has been widely considered by the people as it has amazing features that give this Norton edition preference over other brands when it comes to securing the device from malicious activities by virus files or suspicious actions conducted by scammers in terms of gaining the access of email account or important documents and steal important details within it. Norton provides all the solution of these types of issues through the antivirus support number +1-855-675-0083.

Norton Security Premium has advanced features as compared to standard and deluxe edition but three of the editions launched in the category of Norton Security has helped users to huge extent in securing their device when it comes to taking PC backup in an efficient manner as well as possess Family safety feature that helps in securing their personalized or official data from online theft.  Norton security premium also plays an important part in preventing identity theft as provide complete security during online payment made using PC or Smartphone device. Other than this cloud backup, safety tools for secure web browsing by kids, comprehensive protective shield against ransom ware. As it is highly compatible with Mac OS X, Android and IOS, Norton security premium helps in securing these devices from suspicious apps by giving instant alert with rapid scanning technology whenever you try to install them in your device without knowing about its reality.


Features of Norton Security Premium

·         Possess effective tools within the security suite that provide complete protection against virus, spyware, malware as well as other online threats

·         It provides absolute protection and security suite when it comes to securing your data and identity by blocking the chance of hacking important data as well as login details of online banking as well as email account.

·         Provide comprehensive security to multiple device such as Windows PC, Mac device, Android as well as IOS device with single subscription.

·         Auto-backup of important documents, images or video files, financial files of your choice on windows and Mac Device on weekly basis  with time stamp mentioned in the file name that help in quick restoration of latest data if it gets misplaced or deleted  from the device

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